Monday, 24 June 2013

Primark disco leggings review! FAIL.

I can't believe i'm going to disrespect the mothership, but Primark failed, they failed bad. 

These are the only pair of disco leggings/pants that i have brought that i don't like, and I've brought a lottttt!

They're just super soft, not tight enough, and just generally uncomfortable to wear. I'm a big leggings/ disco pants girl, and it's what i feel most comfortable in so i know what i'm rambling about. And i was extremely disappointed in these.

I really wanted to love them, but i just physically can't bring myself to do it, they're the most uncomfortable pair of bottoms i have ever wore in my whole entire life, no exaggeration.

These are only brought out when I've wore all my leggings and disco pants, and they're in the wash,and i honestly dread the day.

Yeah, long story short, i'd recommend paying that, little bit, or a lot more for disco pants, because these are, in no way what so ever, a good dupe.

Feel disgusted that i have just slagged off primark. oh dear.

I'm also considering doing the 30 day snap, starting soon! possibly!

Until next time,

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